Snack Food

Snack food manufacturing is a particular specialty of Waldrop Company, as we provide machinery and robotics that allow our branded partners and private labelers to produce, package, and label any snack foods in your product lines. 

 With our extensive knowledge in the industry, we are able to assist you with determining  which equipment you need.  Our machinery can be customized to your exact specifications, depending on the products you plan to manufacture. Our innovative machines and our food manufacturing equipment partners are able to provide solutions which preserves the taste and integrity of your products. Additional equipment can ensure portion control for consistency in production before packaging.

As with all of our equipment, our systems are created with safety and hygiene in mind. The stainless steel construction can withstand high-pressure washes and products needed for cleaning and decontamination.

Our goal is a production line that includes equipment that helps you limit the workforce you need for maximum operation, with increased efficiency, consistent product weights and counts, and easy transfer to the next step in your manufacturing process.

Together with our packaging and labeling product offerings along with our partners we are able to offer you a turn-key solution that takes you from start to finish.