Food Processors Tray Soaker Padding

Waldrop Company provides soaker padding automation solutions for a wide range of food manufacturers and tray manufacturers. All our automated equipment offerings can be customized to handle any of your production needs.  

Though ideal for fresh meat and poultry production, our food tray soaker padding equipment can be outfitted for various trays and pads. Most notably industries served our food tray packing automation equipment include fresh, meat and poultry. Equipment suitable for processing foam and plastic trays as well as rolled rim plastic trays for overwrap film.  Our pad placer equipment is designed for continuous use as most facilities utilizing our equipment run a continuous operation all day, every day. 

Within our tray padding system, trays are nested vertically. The equipment can be adjusted according to tray size and pad application. Those trays are then denested from a vertical stack as the conveyor system moves through, depositing glue in the tray, cutting pad & insertion, and re-stacking of trays for operator personnel.

As the trays are padded, the operator interface allows you to receive data in real time to ensure more consistent quality with higher throughputs. Real-time data keeps you apprised of the equipment’s condition, the delivery of the pad to the trays, and the efficiency of the process.

In addition, we offer many options for our Pad Placer equipment which include bottom labeling, film drive assist for pads in gaylord and pad metal detection.