Manual Handpack Systems

Waldrop Company specializes in machinery and robotics that help reduce the human workforce needed to manufacture and process food products, resulting in lower cost output over time, fewer work-related injuries, and an increase in your bottom line. 
Our Manual Handpack Systems are designed to provide packaging personnel an ergonomic work area for packing product into corrugated boxes.  These stations accept pre-erected boxes, often supplied from a case erector unit.  Workstation is equipped with an infeed conveyor to present product to packing personnel as well as a take-away conveyor for completed cases.  As with every one of our equipment pieces, we put safety and sanitization at the forefront of our design, installation, and implementation.  Our Manual Handpack Systems are manufactured of stainless steel construction which can withstand high-pressure washes and products needed for cleaning and decontamination.

Our building standards include:
  • Frame is continuous TIG welded 304 stainless steel utilizing solid (non-tubing) frame & crossmembers
  • Stainless steel grade 304 – 1.25” bore solid shafting
  • Solid belt wear bars
  • Stainless steel bearings and end caps
  • Stainless steel threadless support leveling feet
Our standard systems include several high-quality products, including:
  • Allen Bradley Controls
  • Stainless Steel Motors & Reducers (where applicable) 
  • Intralox and Habasit Belting Options
  • Solid Machined Sprockets
  • Hoffman Watershed Enclosures
  • IP69K Push Buttons, Switches & E-Stops

Many Manual Handpack Systems can be combined with other product offerings.  For instance, a workstation area for packing product into corrugated boxes could provide pre-built boxes supplied by a box erector on a conveyor system to speed the process as much as possible. Completed boxes exiting the system could then also be carried away through a separate conveyor system to the next step of your manufacturing process.  Upstream we offer tray denesting equipment to decrease the manpower needed to complete the project.  In addition, we offer many other beginning & end of line solutions such as case checkweighers, rejects, case labeling, case sealing equipment, palletizing systems, etc.  

With adequate information regarding your needs, we can help customize Manual Handpack Systems and other product offerings to ensure you get the highest possible efficiency with the lowest amount of risk.