Dairy & Poultry

Waldrop Company has been working in dairy and poultry processing for more than six decades. Manufacturing packaging equipment for fresh poultry and dairy products are a known solution and our machinery can be customized to your exact specifications, depending on the products you plan to manufacture. Our innovative machines and our food manufacturing equipment partners are able to provide solutions which preserves the taste and integrity of your products.

Our equipment is designed and built with the consumer’s safety in mind to withstand high-pressure cleaning and sanitizing to avoid contamination.  In addition to cutting-edge design and implementation, Waldrop also offers immense customization capabilities. We understand that the products you want to manufacture require specific equipment and arrangement in order to create the products you’re known for.

Our poultry and dairy processing equipment include product offerings tray dispensers, loading equipment, conveyors, weight and labeling equipment, packaging, and more.  As with all our equipment, our poultry and dairy processing product offerings features the most up to date technology and components.  


The goal at Waldrop Company is to provide you with the equipment you need to increase your efficiency, lower your workforce costs, and boost your bottom line. Every feature—whether standard or custom—on our poultry and dairy processing machinery works to meet this goal.