Merging & Diverting Systems

Our configurable merging and diverting systems provide line solutions to ensure efficient production. From multiple lines, to multiple lines, or somewhere in between (or both to accommodate for product variety cases), our team will review your needs to advise for the most effective solution.

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Merge Systems

Merge Conveyor Systems will accept product from multiple lane packaging equipment configurations and guide them one by one to a single exit lane on its way to the next step in downstream operations. We offer our Merge Conveyor systems in many different configurations.  Our most popular Merge Conveyor systems are our two to one, three to one and four to one lane merges.  If your company requires additional throughput, we also offer optional items such as powered side belts and servo motors to increase speeds in excess of our standard merge units. 

Our Merge System can be useful in many processing lines – in many instances this type of equipment is typically used to replace the multi lane exit conveyors used in thermoforming equipment because downstream equipment often requires a single-lane format.

Our standard systems include several high-quality products, including:
  • Allen Bradley Controls
  • Stainless Steel Motors 
  • Intralox and Habasit Belting Options
  • Solid Machined Sprockets
  • Hoffman Watershed Enclosures
  • IP69K Push Buttons, Switches & E-Stops
Our building standards include:
  • Frame is continuous TIG welded 304 stainless steel utilizing solid (non-tubing) frame & crossmembers
  • Stainless steel grade 304 – 1.25” bore solid shafting
  • Solid belt wear bars
  • Stainless steel bearings and end caps
  • Stainless steel threadless support leveling feet

Diverting Systems

Diverting Systems is a dual lane conveyor system that accepts product and diverts (guides) each product either thru the processing line or diverts them to another lane.  In some applications the diverting system will be utilized as reject mechanism diverting product from the main processing line for removal and/or rework and in others it will be utilized as a lane diverter which diverters product from one lane or another for further downstream processing. Our standard unit accomplishes product movement via slide pin belt.  These systems are customizable to suit your specific application. 

All of our equipment is tailored to be combined with other product offerings to decrease the manpower needed to complete your project.  We offer a wide array of beginning & end of line solutions such as custom conveyors, tray handling solutions, product loading & capping equipment, checkweighers, manual hand-pack systems or robotic casepacking systems, indexing solutions, case checkweighers, rejects, product & case labeling, case sealing equipment, palletizing systems, etc.