Since 1960, Waldrop Company has specialized in designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing packaging and processing solutions for a wide range of industries.  We pride ourselves in being family owned, service forward, innovative, and cutting edge. We strive to work with the most innovative techniques and equipment available when offering solutions which are both economical and straight forward.  From design concept to implementation, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that benefit our customers in all ways.

Our deep subject matter expertise in robotics, conveying, and packaging products makes us the perfect partner within a large range of industry segments. These specific competencies lead us to focus primarily within fresh meat, poultry, seafood, prepared food, snacks, pet food, and bakery industries, and we have continued to improve technology to bring our partners within this industry a continuous competitive edge.

Across the United States and throughout the world, we have provided solutions to the majority of big names in the packaging industry. We would be honored to serve your company, too. Our strong workforce, financial stability, advanced equipment, and a proven track record makes us the perfect partner you’re looking for.

Contact us to learn more about our capabilities. We work hard to provide information that meets your exact project so that you get all the answers you need to know we’re the solution you’re looking for.

Our promise is to always bring the friendliness, warmth, and service of a family-owned business without compromising cutting edge design, technology, manufacturing, and installation so that we can exceed your every expectation and increase your bottom line!