Capping Equipment

Capping Equipment is an essential piece of food manufacturing to finalize product. Waldrop provides a variety of capping options to automate this step of production, ensure ease of loading, accessible maintenance, and high volume production.

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Waldrop Company knows that capping equipment can vary widely across several different products. That’s why we offer a wide range of customizable machinery that can meet any potential challenges you face.
Our capping units can dispense single lids from a stack and apply to a moving tub. As those tubs or trays are moved through the capping unit, the lid product is then presented for capping. The forward motion of the tub attaches the lid onto the tub and then secures it. If you require additional throughput, a dual-lane capping system can be designed and implemented.

We are also able to offer additional equipment items for a full line solution for your capping line.  These items could include our tub/tray denesting & inventory equipment, metal detection equipment, product checkweigher, manual hand pack station or robotic case packing unit, case checkweigher, case sealing equipment, robotic palletizing, etc. 

We offer several different options to fully customize your capping equipment. 
One of our most popular options is our Lid Feeder unit.  The lid feeder provides inventory support to its vertical lid stacking design. As the equipment dispenses lids, the feeder equipment replenishes the vertical stacks to the capper lid magazine. This helps increase efficiency as less time is required to manually replenish lids to complete the tasks.
A cap detection system will ensure that lid operations are completed accurately. This optional feature is perfect for those who aim to reduce labor costs while increasing quality control. Should any improperly capped items pass through the mechanism, those mistakes will be removed before reaching further processing equipment downstream.
The optional card stock applicator dispenses a single marketing or identification card stock label and applies it to the moving tub. The card stock is denested from a vertical stack of card stock inventory. Line personnel will be responsible for maintaining the proper lid inventory levels within the card stock denester.
Code date data printer can apply printed labels or print directly to the completed tubs in motion. This particular system allows for printing of variable and real-time information, such as best-by dates, times, batch and lot codes, ingredients, bar codes, and logos, all with crisp, clear images.  Waldrop is able to assist with providing this item and/or we are able to offer mounting provisions to our equipment to accept your existing code date data printer.

All of our equipment is tailored to be combined with other product offerings to decrease the manpower needed to complete your project.  We offer a wide array of beginning & end of line solutions such as custom conveyors, tray handling solutions, product loading & capping equipment, checkweighers, manual hand-pack systems or robotic casepacking systems, indexing solutions, case checkweighers, rejects, product & case labeling, case sealing equipment, palletizing systems, etc.