Waldrop Company understands that labeling is one of the most important steps in manufacturing and packaging our partners’ foods. Your brand is your most valuable asset; it’s how your most loyal customers identify your products in the store. With a wide range of labeling systems, we can ensure that your products remain consistent in appearance so that your buyers can always find you.
Individual packaging choices can affect the labeling needed to provide a professional and familiar appearance. Whatever your packaging choice, we can help you determine the best labeling system for your needs. 

Label Applicator

For labeling in-motion packages with a single pre-printed label, our single label applicator is the perfect choice. The machinery provides a pressure-sensitive application to the product traveling down the conveyor.  This label applicator can be mounted to your existing conveyor or can be installed on a Waldrop supplied conveyor system.

Single Top and Bottom Label Applicator

For those packaging choices that require labels on both the top and bottom of the finished product, the single top and bottom label applicator is a great choice. The in-line applicators apply top and bottom—or just top or bottom—labels to in-motion packages. Most of our units are equipped with a labeling unit that accepts your pre-printed adhesive labels rolls. However, if your packaging requires variable and real-time information, the unit is also available with an optional Videojet IP65 Data Flex thermal transfer printer system. You can apply crisp, clear labels with best-by dates, batch/lot codes, ingredients, bar codes, and logos.

Dual Top and Bottom Label Applicator

Our Dual Top and Bottom Label Applicator system is for customers who are looking to run two different labels on the same line and/or customers looking to have additional efficiencies when labeling. The dual lane label applicator provides a quick switching option for label inventory and accepts pre-printed adhesive labeling rolls. As with the single top and bottom label applicator, this unit is also available with the option of the Videojet IP65 Data Flex thermal transfer printing system for on-line printing of variable information.

Case Label Print-and-Apply

For in-motion cases that contain your products, this labeling system is the solution. The label engine can accept variable case weights to adjust to new packaging projects. The mechanism affixes the label to the approaching box face and includes 2D bar code information as well as your logo and other identifying information. This system, as with many of our machines and robotics systems, can be customized to your specific configurations.
All of our machinery, including our labeling systems, is covered by our service and support teams. We’ll help you learn to use it and walk you through any problems that—though rare—could arise.

All of our equipment is tailored to be combined with other product offerings to decrease the manpower needed to complete your project.  We offer a wide array of beginning & end of line solutions such as custom conveyors, tray handling solutions, product loading & capping equipment, checkweighers, manual hand-pack systems or robotic casepacking systems, indexing solutions, case checkweighers, rejects, product & case labeling, case sealing equipment, palletizing systems, etc.