Robotic Palletizing

Our robotic palletizing systems are the perfect solution for finished goods that require palletizing. Waldrop manufactures a wide range of robotic palletizing systems tailored to your specifics cases.  An automated process reduces labor requirements while increasing efficiency and output, while also eliminating the potential work-related injuries that could occur with manual palletizing.  As an ABB Robotics integrator, we are able to utilize their robotics within our equipment to provide a seamless solution for your application.

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The robotic palletizing systems we offer includes several features to make your manufacturing dreams a reality. The ABB IRB 660-180 articulated arm with IRC 5 controller is capable of 180-kilogram payloads. The controller is prepared for PickMaster 5 and configured with defined pallet pack pattern recipes. The pallet patterns can be generated by ABB’s Palletizing Power Pack.

With our robotic palletizing solutions, you’ll also receive customized end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to accommodate picking and palletizing for both cases and pallets to help you streamline your production. In applications where a slip/tier sheet is required – we are able to offer this as well within our EOAT.  As with all of our systems – we offer Allen-Bradley controls on our palletizing systems.  The Allen-Bradley PLC controller integrates palletizing and pallet movement within each workcell. The PLC also controls cases and pallet staging prior to picking operations and upon completing pallets in the existing workcell.  Ease of use is guaranteed by the color touch-screen operator interface, which provides the capability to control palletizing recipe solutions and allows the user to monitor system performance.  

To ensure workforce safety, each workcell is enclosed by safety guard fencing, with a light curtain for ingress points of empty pallets and egress points for finished pallets.

Our Robotic Palletizing systems offer the following:
  • Reduced Ergonomic Issues
  • Reduced Labor Requirements
  • High Capacity & Uptime
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Maximum Flexibility

Pallet Stretch Wrapping

Waldrop has teamed up with Lantech to provide stretch wrapping equipment to accompany our product offerings. Our most common stretch wrapper offering is the Lantech S-1500 which sets the standard in the industry for performance, ease of use, and safety. Lantech continues to be the most innovative packaging equipment manufacturer in the industry. With over 65,000 packaging machine placements, you can be very confident that the S-1500 will perform to your complete satisfaction.  Our most common pallet stretch wrapper offering includes one infeed conveyor and one outfeed conveyor.  Additional configurations are available.  

In addition to the stretch wrapper option for our robotic palletizing systems – other product offerings for upstream equipment can be offered such as custom conveyors, tray handling equipment, product loading, checkweighers & rejects, labeling, case sealing equipment, manual hand pack systems or robotic casepacking systems, etc. to decrease the manpower needed to complete the project.