Product Loading

We offer a wide range of product loading systems that can be custom tailored to fit your company’s existing setup or a new solution for your facility.  Our signature system loads empty trays with fresh meat loading from upstream portioning equipment.  In addition, we offer product loading solutions for many different food products in the industry.  Our proven solutions include a wide range of products from loading empty tubs with sliced meats from slicing equipment, frozen meatballs coming from the freezer exit, pork chops, steaks, sausage patties, breakfast links, brats, and everything in between.  As with all our product offerings, this equipment is entirely configurable to accommodate your setup and space requirements.

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As with every one of our equipment pieces, we put safety and sanitization at the forefront of our design, installation, and implementation.  Our Product Loading Systems are manufactured of stainless steel construction which can withstand high-pressure washes and products needed for cleaning and decontamination.

Portion to Pack

Our most popular product loading system we offer is the Model 112 Portion to Pack Series 3 and it is entirely configurable to accommodate your setup and space requirements. This product loading system utilizes our tray denesting operation with integrated product portion to a denested tray merge. Each product is accepted from the portioning equipment on a random basis and then merged or inserted into a denested tray. This system can accommodate most foam and plastic tray sizes currently popular in the industry. 

    Our standard Portion to Pack system include several high-quality products, including:

    • Stainless Steel Drum Roller Motors (where applicable) 
    • Allen Bradley Controls
    • Intralox and Habasit Belting 
    • Solid Machined Sprockets
    • Hoffman Watershed Enclosures
    • IP69K Push Buttons, Switches & E-Stops 

    Our building standards include:

    • Frame is continuous TIG welded 304 stainless steel utilizing solid (non-tubing) frame & crossmembers
    • Stainless steel grade 304 – 1.25” bore solid shafting
    • Solid belt wear bars
    • Stainless steel bearings and end caps
    • Stainless steel threadless support leveling feet

    Many of our Product Loading Systems can be combined with other product offerings.  For instance, a system for loading product into empty tubs/trays could provide denested tubs/trays supplied by our Tray Handling equipment to speed the process as much as possible and decrease the manpower needed to complete the project. Completed filled tubs/trays exiting the system could then also be carried away through a separate conveyor system to the next step of your manufacturing process.  In addition, we offer many other beginning & end of line solutions such as product checkweighers, manual hand-pack systems or robotic casepacking systems, case checkweighers, rejects, case labeling, case sealing equipment, palletizing systems, etc.