Tray Padding

Picture3The Model 357HS Pad Placer unit is a high speed solution to apply absorbent soaker pads into consumer trays. This unit operates in line with the tray manufacturers thermoforming process. The Pad Placer unit consists of a tray denester which denest vertical stacks of trays and singularly feeds them onto a flighted chain deck. As each tray exits the denesting unit a predetermined amount of hot melt adhesive is inserted into the bottom of the tray. Once the trays pass thru the glue station the trays are transported thru the pad application unit. This unit accepts continuous rolls of padding material and cuts them to a predetermined length set by the operator interface. Once completed the trays pass thru an optional labeling station which, if needed, will apply pre-printed labels onto the bottom of each tray. The final step in the process is the renester. The renester accepts the trays and rotates them to a vertical position where they are to be stacked horizontally on the packaging table.

The standard Model 357 HS configuration consists of the following features:

  • Tray padding. Tray sizes ranging up to 11” length with maximum tray depth of 2 ¼ inch. Unit to be configured with 14 inch flight centers. Unit capable of processing white, yellow, black and rose colored trays.
  • Padding mechanism capable of processing either registered pouch pad or ply padding material up to 12 inch width. Unit capable of processing ply padding material up to 22 ply thickness. Pad placement within tray may be controlled via the operator interface. Electronics capable of processing yellow, white and black padding material.
  • Integrated servo control system.
  • Typical tray throughput rates in excess of 250 trays per minute.
  • Allen Bradley Panelview Plus color touch screen operator interface.
  • Nordson ProBlue 7 glue system.
  • Nordson Eclipse glue pattern control. Dual glue heads deliver glue application.
  • Model 125 Tray Denester.
  • Integrated automatic tray loader.
  • Renesting table.
  • Moveable casters
  • Unit configured for 460V, 3 phase electrical service.


Video of Tray Padding in Action

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