Robotic Palletizing

Our Robotic Palletizing system offers a solution for finished goods which require palletizing. The Robotic Palletizing system automates the process while reducing labor requirements as well as the work related injuries associated with manual palletizing.

Our standard Robotic Palletizing system include the following features:

  • ABB IRB 660‑180 articulated arm with IRC 5 controller. Unit capable of 180kg payloads.
  • Controller prepared for PickMaster 5 which supports palletizing operations. System configured with defined pallet pack pattern recipes. Pallet patterns to be generated by ABB’s Palletizing Power Pack.
  • Color touch screen operator interface provides customers personnel capability to control palletizing recipe selection and monitor system performance.
  • System to include customized End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) to accommodate picking and palletizing operations of both cases and pallets.
  • Controls integration to existing production lines.
  • Allen Bradley PLC controller to integrate palletizing and pallet movement within workcell. Additionally, PLC to control cases and pallet staging prior to picking operations and finished completed pallets existing cell.
  • Workcell enclosed by safety guard fencing. Light curtain utilized for ingress points of empty pallets and egress points of finished pallets.
  • Stainless Steel robotic riser to properly position articulated arm within workcell.


Video of Robotic Palletizing in Action

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