Robotic Casepacking

Waldrop manufactures a wide range of Robotic Casepacking systems tailored to your product. The primary goal of the Robotic Casepacking unit is to increase efficiency and capacity of the process while offer labor savings.

Our standard Robotic Casepacking systems include the following features:

  • ABB robot with panel mounted IRC 5 robotic controller(s). Hygienic design for food production applications.
  • Custom end of arm tooling to accommodate customers package format.
  • Infeed conveyor with encoder tracking. Product tracking by IRC 5 controller provides for accurate product picking for packages entering workcell.
  • Case conveyor with encoder tracking. Case conveyor presents empty cartons or cases for Casepacker operations. Encoder tracking provides case placement positioning data to ABB IRC 5 controller for accurate product placement.
  • Allen-Bradley controls. Compact Logix PLC for workcell control and communications to ABB IRC 5 controller. Allen‑Bradley color touchscreen operator interface. Operator interface provides recipe selection, unit feedback and control information.
  • Infeed quality control inspection. Prior to product entering Casepacker workcell, all parts are positively identified for appropriate top and bottom labeling. All parts are required to contain product identification top labeling. All parts are required to contain bottom labeling which includes a 1D bar code. Top label inspection is completed via vision inspection – Cognex vision sensor. Bottom label inspection is completed via laser bar code scanner. Both units are Ethernet TCP/IP compatible. Any parts with unreadable or improper top or bottom labeling are identified as incorrect and not included any pick and place casepacking operations. Those parts identified with improper labeling are passed through workcell to customer supplied rework container.


Video of Robotic Casepacking in Action

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