Product Checkweigher

In-motion product checkweigher. Unit accepts appropriately spaced products exiting product portioning equipment, recognizes product presence, weighs product as presented and compares calculated weight against invoked recipe. Parts which are determined to be in violation of acceptable product weights are noted for removal from further downstream processing. Checkweigher unit includes the following features:
  • Nylon single belt transport design. Single belt design provides for effortless installation and removal of belting for sanitation activities.
  • Upright single Stainless Steel cabinet design.
  • Fully enclosed drum roller motor provides conveyor transmission. This design eliminates bearings and roller associated with typical checkweigher design – lower maintenance cost.
  • Unit employs stainless steel weigh cell for high accuracy and rapid settling time.
  • Allen Bradley controls.
  • Color touch screen operator interface for unit control, recipe selection and production feedback.


Video of Product Checkweigher in Action

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