Capping Equipment

capping equipmentCapping unit to dispense or separate a single lid (cap), from a stack, and apply to transported tub. As tubs (trays) are transported through capping unit, lid product is presented for capping. Forward motion of tub attaches lid onto tub and secures. For applications requiring addition throughput – a dual lane capping system for high-speed applications is available. Our standard capping system includes the following features:

  • Intralox belting
  • Stainless steel motor and gearbox
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Allen Bradley Controls
  • Manufactured to OSHA Standards



Lid Feeder

lid feederLid inventory support equipment to supply capping unit with vertical lid stacks. As the lid capping equipment dispenses lids, the feeder equipment replenishes vertical stacks to the capper chamber. This unit provides additional efficiencies as multiple lid stacks are loaded to the feeder system and dispenses to the capper as required.

Cap Detection

cap detectionWith the reduction of labor target, increased quality control verification will be required throughout the line. The Cap detection system will ensure that lid operations have completed accurately. A reject mechanism will remove improperly capped product from further downstream processing.

Card Stock Applicator

card stock applicatorCard stock applicator to dispense a single marketing or identification card stock label and apply to in motion tub. Card stock is denested from vertical stack of card stock inventory. Line personnel are responsible for maintaining proper lid inventory levels within card stock denester.


Code Date Data Printer

code date data printerMarking system to apply data to completed tubs in motion. This system allows for on-line printing of variable and real-time data such as best by dates, times, batch/lot codes, ingredients listing, bar codes and logos with crisp, clear images.

Video of Capping Equipment in Action

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